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Who is Steve Larsen and How He's Disrupting the MLM Market -

Who is Steve Larsen and How He’s Disrupting the MLM Market

Steve Larsen might not be a household name yet, but for the thousands of people who know him, he has already reached rockstar status.


A self-proclaimed shy kid and college dropout, Steve decided to join the army – which has contributed to his intense, go-getter personality.

To prove that point, when Steve and his wife were first married, their financial resources were very limited. Heartbreakingly, his wife was actually skipping meals without telling Steve, and when he found out he went to his father and asked for money. His father said, “Son, no. If I give you this money now, you will not exhaust the resources you didn’t know you had.”

It was one of the greatest gifts his father ever gave him.

steve larsen clickfunnels mlm


Steve took off running. He read entrepreneur books, consumed courses and podcasts, and got around the right people. He launched company after company. Each one failed until he started thinking differently.

If I give you this money now, you will not exhaust the resources you didn’t know you had.

steve larsen clickfunnels mlm

That’s when he found Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels. At the feet of this brilliant marketing giant, he learned and crafted his own approach to making money for new and existing businesses. If you work through the process, money is on the other side.

Steve is a former lead sales funnel builder with ClickFunnels and is a marketing genius who is taking sales to another level – he educates people through the process of creating the perfect offer that will connect with their ideal customer.

Secret MLM Hacks Radio

One of Steve’s goals has been to fix the MLM market which he feels use marketing strategies that are stuck in the 80’s. With the same old prospecting techniques they’ve always had, (you know, the whole “write a list of all your family and friends) he feels it’s time to get with the times.

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In his podcast, Secret MLM Hacks Radio, he is “waging war on the old dying methods” of the MLM industry and shares his secret for creating a downline of 10,000 people and more who are begging to join it daily.

He largely does this by offering bonuses to those who want to join his downline and helping them to see the value in the business opportunity over the product.

He then provides them with the tools they need to be successful with the business – including pre-made sales funnels and training videos that help onboard new recruits.

If you click here you’ll learn his 3 Step System to Auto-Recruit His Downline of Big Producers without friends or family even knowing that he is in network marketing.

This webinar will then lead to an offer to purchase his Secret MLM Hacks product, which is a 5-week masterclass which is reviewed below.

secret mlm hacks

What You Get with Secret MLM Hacks

Ilir at FreedomRep.com breaks down on his website what is included in the Secret MLM Hacks course:

• Mod 1 – How To Get Paid To Prospect
• Mod 2 – How To Auto-Close
• Mod 3 – How To Manage A Happy Downline
• Mod 4 – How To Get Known For Your Product
• Mod 5 – How To Automate Product Sales

The course also comes with a Secret MLM Hacks workbook containing the following info:

The course includes an 80-page workbook designed to help you double your MLM recruiting…

• Quickest Paths To Success
• How To Design Your Marketing
• Outpacing Your Upline
• Step By Step Checklist Instructions
> physical book will be shipped to you…

Pre-built recruiting and sales funnel templates

Steve is a master funnel-builder and he includes several free funnels as part of this course that can be used in various parts of your MLM business:

• Auto Recruiting Funnel Template
• Multiple Product Sales Funnel Templates
• Publishing Funnel Template
• Downline Members Area Template

steve larsen

…and there is a whole bunch more.

I recommend you take a look at the full review on FreedomRep.com’s website.

If you want to register for the FREE Secret MLM Hacks Webinar now, CLICK HERE.

secret mlm hacks radio

You can also listen to his podcast “Secret MLM Hacks Radio” here >>>Secret MLM Hacks Radio<<<

Steve Larsen the Funnel Building Pro

Steve is also known for being an incredible sales funnel builder, having honed his craft under the tutelage of Russell Brunson. Russell is the founder and owner and founder and CEO of ClickFunnels, the top sales funnel software platform out there – and someone who also is crushing it in the MLM game as well.

Steve has built over 500 high converting sales funnels using a 3-step process without knowing any code, being a designer or using someone else’s share funnel. If you want to learn how he did it? Check out this webinar where he reveals his >>>Secret Process to Build a High Converting Sales Funnel in 3 Steps<<<.

You can also follow him on his podcast “Sales Funnel Radio” as he shares marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. Check out his podcast here >>>Sales Funnel Radio<<<

steve larsen

Making Affiliates Great Again

Steve recently took part in the revamped Affiliate Bootcamp by ClickFunnels, where 15 of their top affiliates shared their gameplan if they had 100 days to rebuild their success.

Steve labeled his portion of the course Make Affiliates Great Again.

In his training, he will reveal the secret to his affiliate success that will continue to grow.

Steve was the ONLY ClickFunnels affiliate who was asked to take part in the creation of this course that hadn’t yet won a dream car, one of ClickFunnels rewards for affiliates who reach 100 customers signed up.

Part of the reason for this is that Steve has his eggs in so many different baskets, but also because Russell trusts him so much and knows that his methods and teaching abilities are second to none.

Steve was a coach in Russell’s high-ticket coaching program and has been instrumental in the success of ClickFunnels and Russell’s multi-level marketing success as well.

Click below if you would like to learn how to crush it in affiliate marketing with Steve Larsen’s methods, no matter what product you are trying to sell.

stephen larsen make affiliates great again


Want to become a successful affiliate marketer? Check out the Affiliate Bootcamp. 

affiliate bootcamp clickfunnels

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Read this personal message from Stephen:

One of the reasons I love promoting affiliate things, especially ones with recurring revenue (like ClickFunnels), is the security it gives me…

(Even if I never sold a single thing of my own, my affiliate income would basically be enough to keep me afloat.)

It’s a powerful way to take care of yourself, no matter what’s happening “on the outside”…

Affiliate Contests are one of my favorite things to compete in…

(I know, I’m a geek, ha)

Next time there’s a sweet affiliate contest going (and you like the product AND know it will be great for your audience)…

You’ll want to know how to catapult your way to the top so you can take the prize. 

(Won’t hurt your status in the marketplace, either…)

I’m taking you deep into affiliate contest dominance in my new mini-course, Make Affiliates Great Again. 

We’re talking all about how I landed in the top 5 affiliates for a major ClickFunnels contest and won a yacht trip to Bimini…

With only three days of promotion…

…when everyone else had been promoting for three weeks…

I’m showing you how I did it, so you can do it for yourself next time.

Make Affiliates Great Again is free to sign up… and it just might change your life 😉

Or at least your business, no matter what “life” might throw at you.

Oh, one last thing! If you want information on my #1 recommendation to make a full-time income online CLICK HERE ➜ https://benarkell.com/legendary


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