SAM Funnel: What is the Secret Affiliate Machine? Review and Demo

**UPDATE – The SAM funnel has been shut down. It is recommended that you register for the One Funnel Away Challenge where you can learn how to build your funnel and get traffic running to it. Register here >***

By now there’s a chance that you have heard of the Secret Affiliate Machine. It is the latest viral share funnel that marketers are using to attract people who are interested in building their own business online.

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What is the Secret Affiliate Machine?

The Secret Affiliate Machine is a sales funnel developed with the ClickFunnels software, and is a starter kit for those interested in affiliate marketing. The funnel is a five-step process that walks you through how to acquire ClickFunnels trial users, with the end goal of having them become paying customers.

The SAM funnel instructs you how to set up a free trial with ClickFunnels, how to import your information into the funnel, and how to acquire traffic to run through the funnel.

It is a very simple five-step process, and if you ever get stuck, I can help walk you through the setup.

How is the SAM Funnel Unique?

There are other viral share funnels in the ClickFunnels landscape. There is Spencer Mecham’s BIB (Business in a Box) Funnel along with Catlin Betridge’s ASH (Affiliate Side Hustle) Funnel. The idea was similar with the two – get people into the funnel and have them learn how to be an affiliate marketer.

The problem was you had Catlin and Spencer teaching them how to do it, and if you shared this funnel you were sharing their faces. With this new SAM funnel, there is no face of Jordan the creator and so people feel more comfortable sharing videos that just have voice and text on video.

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How do you Drive Traffic to the Funnel?

It is recommended in the training that you use solo ads for traffic through the provider can order the number of clicks you want to receive into your funnel. While many solo ads can be junk, this company is reputable and they send emails to those who are interested in making money online.

If you don’t want to use this vendor, there are other individuals who are also very reputable who get great results. Feel free to reach out to me.

What is the Goal of this Funnel?

The goal of the SAM funnel is to help you get targeted emails and trials to ClickFunnels so that you are able to generate affiliate income which will then enable you to scale your business. The greatest asset you have in your online business is your email list, and so with solo ads you are not only paying for the clicks to your funnel, but you are also paying for the emails that you are able to capture in your funnel.

Are People Having Success with the SAM Funnel?

The short answer is yes! Here are just a few that are killing it! John is doing great because he is very hands on with his trials and he makes sure to reach out and provide them the support they need.

sam funnel results secret affiliate machine

Alex is another one who goes above and beyond with her support.

sam funnel results secret affiliate machine

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