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Free Content Marketing Strategy | Easy Content with Rise Jacking - Passive Income Automation

Free Content Marketing Strategy | Easy Content with Rise Jacking

Do you struggle with content creation? Is it hard to find the time or are you running out of ideas?

Rise jacking is a solution you can use on those days when your brain is frozen or you don’t tons of time to create your content.

Rise jacking helps you leverage other people’s content to produce content of your own and build relationships of mutual respect.

How Does Rise Jacking Work?

You see a piece of content you admire

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it could be YouTube, a podcast, or a blog – chances are that you read something every day that resonates with you. That’s what happened to me recently in a Facebook group.

The group owner asked, “What would you do if you had to start from scratch and you wanted to make $1,000 in commissions online?”

Lots of people answered, but once answer knocked it out of the part. It was Sam’s, which is found here.

I was blown away by his response, as were many others.

“I have to share this,” I thought.

So, I decided to reach out to Sam.

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You reach out to the creator and ask for permission to share their content

After you find the content you would like to share, reach out to the content owner.

I reached out to Sam via FB messenger, you can actually listen to my exact message I left in this video at the 4:57 mark.

He was more than happy to allow me to publish his content saying, “Of course,  you are more than welcome to share anything of mine on your blog.”

Publish the Content

Now is the fun part. Republish the content that you were given permission to share. Make sure to give proper credit to the content creator.

Do your best to express gratitude in your article to the original content creator and build them up. A little extra work goes a long way.

Inform Creator When Your Content is Live

Make sure that once you post your content you let the original content creator know. There are a few reasons for that.

One, you might want them to look over the content to see if there is anything they want to be adjusted (like backlinks, etc.)

Two, it will give them a chance to share the content with their audiences. This is something that most people will naturally want to do because they like knowing that their ideas are appreciated.

Here is an example of someone sharing content that I posted of theirs.

chill reptile

Relationships Will Be Formed

When people see that their content is appreciated, they are flattered. It’s also a natural desire for them to express gratitude and want to continue the networking relationship.

The most recent occasion when I used rise jacking, the content creator was so appreciative that I had shared his ideas, he actually invited me into his exlusive Facebook chat group of 3 other high profile bloggers to network and brainstorm together.

It was an honor to be invited, and it never would have happened if I hadn’t shared his content in the first place.

The Tide Rises

This is where the fun happens! As you can see below, this is what can happen when rise jacking is used to its full potential.

I wrote a Legendary Marketer Review article where I compiled the reviews of many students into one large review. I had 5-7 other content creators who volunteered to have their reviews included in my article.

All I did was ask if anyone wanted to be featured in my article, and there were close to ten people who responded within a few minutes.

I’ve had 73 views so far today which is an all-time high for this new blog.

rise jacking

My “Rise Jacking” Legendary Marketer Article was my highest viewed – started blog 5 months ago

Both Boats Are Lifted

Content creators are flattered that their content is being shared, which is also a good SEO signal for their property. You get free content and someone who now values you as a person, not to mention your content will be more visible to more people as you have someone else sharing it as well.

Rise jacking is a great strategy and one that is very effective. Here is a comment I left in the Free Traffic Bootcamp Facebook Group for Legendary Marketer:

Creating content can be daunting.
Here’s a tip > create content using other people’s content – and I’m not talking about plagiarism. You’ll be getting permission first.
I posted in the group that I was writing a compilation review of Legendary Marketer and asked if anyone wanted me to include part of their review in it.
Many said yes.
I was able to use their words to create my article, and they were able to receive a link from my site to theirs (backlink) which is very valuable.
Why is this a great strategy?
A few reasons.
  1. It saves you time – you don’t have to create the content from scratch
  2. It lifts others up and shines a light on them
  3. Collaboration cross-pollinates your audiences
  4. It opens doors
I did this last month and asked permission to share content from someone else I didn’t know. He agreed and when he saw what I posted it led to a friendship and opportunity to be part of an exclusive mentor group that he was a part of.
This was a HUGE door that opened because I was honestly desirous to share his knowledge with my readers so they could see how brilliant he was. (I then repurposed that article into a podcast episode and YouTube video as well)
Here’s the biggest key of all – use this strategy with the sincere goal of helping OTHER PEOPLE have success, and your success will just naturally follow.

Oh, one last thing! If you want information on my #1 recommendation to make a full-time income online CLICK HERE ➜ https://benarkell.com/legendary

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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