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How to Build an Email List - Get Your First 500 Subscribers - Passive Income Automation

How to Build an Email List – Get Your First 500 Subscribers

Do you want to know how to build an email list? If you are looking to build an online business, then you answer HAS TO BE yes.

how to build an email list

Your email list IS your business. You can always create new products, but if you have no one to send the offer to, you will make no money.

Your email list is the people you will serve, and its who will buy your products. As you build a relationship of trust and provide value to your email subscribers, they will want to buy from you.

Why You Need an Email List

Here are some of the main reasons you need an email list:

  • An email is your most important asset – without it, you HAVE no business
  • An email list is FREE traffic to your offer
  • The best way to nurture a relationship with your audience is to keep constant contact and provide value
  • Russell Brunson values his email list at about $1 a month per email. If you have 5,000 emails on your list, you should be able to make at least $5,000 from your list.

How to Build an Email List

Collecting an email from someone should be considered a transaction. You should offer them something of value, and they will give you their email list.

The best way to collect an email address is by providing a SPECIFIC item that solves a SPECIFIC problem.

This is done by having a LEAD MAGNET. It is something that is coveted by your audience and which you are willing to give away from FREE in exchange for an email.

One of my lead magnets is a ClickFunnels FREE Training Master Course below.

Free ClickFunnels Course

A peek inside your FREE ClickFunnels Training Master Course

I offer this to anyone interested in ClickFunnels because it goes step by step into the software and provides hours of training that walks them step-by-step through creating funnels and managing their ClickFunnels account.

People have paid hundreds for this course and it is extremely valuable, but I am willing to exchange it for someone’s email.

They click on this link to access the course and then set up a username and password and enter their email.

If I have this course set up with an autoresponder (which I do) it will then send that email address to my email system (I use GetResponse for this lead magnet) which will trigger an automation of emails providing them future value and offering them additional products.

What To Do With An Email List

Now that you have captured an email and it flows to your autoresponder (you can try a FREE 30-day trial of GetResponse without having to enter a credit card here) you will want to establish a relationship with your subscriber.

The way to do this is by:

  1. The Soap Opera Email Series – “The Soap Opera Email – is typically a story arch of emails designed to build a relationship with new leads, while introducing them to your products and services.” ΒΉ
  2. The Seinfeld Email Series – “The Seinfeld Method serves as a follow-up form of communication to “The Soap Opera Email” – where you candidly tells stories of prospect interactions, random life events, and personal observations. And, at the end of each email, you find a way to tie the story into your products and services.

how to build an email list

To clarify, you first build trust through emailing your leads information about yourself through stories in your life, explaining where you have come from, your personal journey, and why they should trust you and want to learn more from you.

Then, you use the Seinfeld Method to shares stories that have an application to some product or service that could provide value to those on your email list.

Here is an example below of someone’s email list that I signed up for. Spencer Mecham offered a free course in exchange for his email, and he then sent that free course to me.

how to build an email list

In addition to sending that free course, he followed up with sharing more information about his journey to doing affiliate marketing online through his soap opera sequence, and then he transitioned to his Seinfeld method and using the power of story to help me see the need for products and services that were valuable to him.

Rapid Fire FAQ About Email Lists

How often should you email your list? Daily. If you aren’t emailing them daily, someone else is.

Should I clean up my email list if people aren’t reading my emails? ABSOLUTELY! Many autoresponders now have functionality that will tell you who hasn’t opened your emails for a while. This will help keep your list healthy and it will increase the probability that your emails get delivered and opened by the people you want seeing your content.

What is the best email autoresponder? I love ActiveCampaign, but you have to be careful if you are going to try and do affiliate marketing because they are pretty strict about not using affiliate thinks or doing any make money online programs. If you want to play it safe, GetResponse is another autoresponder that I use.

Try GetResponse for 30-days FREE

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Thank you for reading this article about how to build an email list.


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