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How to Make More Online with YouTube with an Email Marketing Strategy - Passive Income Automation

How to Make More Online with YouTube with an Email Marketing Strategy

Building an email list for email marketing should be your number one goal with YouTube.ย It shouldn’t be watch time, views, money, or fame – your #1 goal should be the building of that email list.

The list is what will allow you to build a sustainable business for the long term. It should be your strategy.

You want to control the traffic, and by acquiring leads from the YouTube platform you are then able to remarket to them at your will and pleasure.

To many marketers, vloggers, and content creators solely focus on views and product sales, but that could all dry up very quickly in the event that anything ever happened to YouTube. If you could not longer produce videos on that platform and your subscribers all went away, your business would go with it.

However, if you maintain and control your own email list, you own that traffic and are able to communicate to them and sell at any time.

Why Grow an Email List?

As Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels has said, “If you don’t have a list, you have no business.” Your business is your email list.

Think of Facebook and their acquisition of Instagram, could they not have just created their own Instagram software? They could have. However, they bought Instagram for the most valuable thing they had – their list of customers.

In this video, I hack some top YouTubers and show you how they lead people to a funnel where they can acquire a lead (email).

The best tool for collecting leads and marketing to them is ClickFunnels. You can get a free trial through the link below. If you sign up, email me at ben@passiveautomation.com and I’ll pass on some awesome bonus ClickFunnels training so you can make sure to get everything set up correctly.

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