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ClickFunnels Lead Funnels Review | 114 Actual Case Studies of the World’s Most Successful Lead Funnels! - Passive Income Automation

ClickFunnels Lead Funnels Review | 114 Actual Case Studies of the World’s Most Successful Lead Funnels!

I’m the type of person that doesn’t have a very good imagination. I need to see something first before I do it.

I guess that is what a visual learner is?

The older I get, the more people I hear say that they are similar, they are visual learners. They grasp concepts so much better and are able to implement after they physically see them in action.

This could very well be why Russell Brunson designed his latest product, Lead Funnels.

lead funnels kiss test funnel hook story offer

Russell Brunson breaks down 114 lead pages, one of them begin the Kiss Test

With the recent explosion and huge success of the One Funnel Away Challenge, Russell and his team felt that more people could use some help in visualizing what a hook, story, and offer would look like when it pertains to a funnel.

What is the Lead Funnels product all about?

Lead Funnels is a product from ClickFunnels that gives you 35 pages of information breaking down what a lead funnel is and the key ingredients to a successful one. It then showcases 114 lead funnels and shows you how they each use the elements of hook, story, and offer to create a compelling landing page that will drive conversions to their marketing lists.

An Introduction from Russell Brunson

Why You Should Purchase Lead Funnels

This post starts with an intro from Russell Brunson on why you need to be gathering leads and why Lead Funnels is something you want to purchase. (Especially since it is at an insane value of $7)

One of the questions I get asked most often is, Do I need ClickFunnels? I don’t understand how it will work with my business.” Knowing that ClickFunnels has the power to transform any business, it’s hard not to softly laugh as I respond, “Do you need leads or customers?”

Their answer is usually, “Yes,” to which I reply, “The only businesses that need ClickFunnels are businesses that either need leads or customers. So if your business needs leads or customers, then yes, you need ClickFunnels.”

lead funnels review

Check Out My Lead Funnels Review and Bonus Video Here

Though few in number, there are some businesses that don’t need ClickFunnels because they don’t need leads or customers. In the case of these businesses, they have too many leads and too many customers. In fact, they’re probably freaking out because their business is exploding and all they want to do is slow it down. In their case, they probably shouldn’t use ClickFunnels because it would give them more leads and more customers.

For everyone else, though, you’re probably wishing you had that problem. You want more leads and more customers. After all, leads are the backbone of your business. The more leads you can get, the more products and services you can sell. At ClickFunnels, we help you generate leads through what we call lead funnels.

What is Lead Funnels by ClickFunnels?

Lead Funnels Overview

While this book is titled, “114 Unique Lead Funnels That You Can Model to Build a List, Generate Leads, and Create Prospects Who Are Ready and Willing to Buy from You,” it’s about so much more than just that.

This book is broken into two main sections: strategy and examples. In section one, we’ll discuss history, strategy, and implementation. We’ll be reviewing the history behind lead funnels, and how pop-up ads paved the way for online marketing.

We’ll also be understanding the strategy and implementation behind the five parts of a lead funnel: lead magnet, landing page, thank you page, sales page, and follow-up funnel. You’ll learn what each one is, why they’re crucial to your business’ success, and how to create your lead funnel in five easy steps.

In the second section, we’ll show you 114 examples of unique lead funnels so you can see how it can work in your business. I found 114 different examples for you because I want to prove to you that lead funnels work in any industry from authors to local businesses to franchises and more! Obviously, there’s more than just 114 lead funnels out there, but I think these examples will give you a really clear understanding of how you could use a lead funnel in your business.

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Get Lead Funnels Here (and my additional bonuses)

clickfunnels lead funnels review

How Will Lead Funnels Benefit Me?

What You’ll Learn from Lead Funnels

After understanding the history, strategy, and implementation in the first section, you’ll be able to pick any one of the 114 examples and bust it out in less than an hour. By the end of this book, you’ll know how to attract leads, build trust, grow a list of leads and customers, build relationships with your list, convert leads into customers, recoup your ad costs, offer your customers additional opportunities to work with you, and ascend customers up your value ladder.

On top of that, you’ll have clear instructions on how to quickly and easily implement these strategies and methods into your own business to make it work for you. Now that you understand the scope of everything you’ll learn in this book, let’s dive right in and talk about the history of online lead generation. You’ll see how generating leads has evolved from pop-up ads in the late 1990s to squeeze pages a few years later.

Today, squeeze pages have transformed into lead funnels. As you review the history of lead funnels, I hope you gain a deeper understanding of where online lead generation began and why it’s so effective and powerful today.

Get Lead Funnels Here (and my additional bonuses)

What Will I Learn From Lead Funnels?

Key Lead Funnels Concepts

The Lead Funnels Swipe File will show you exactly how to…
  •  Create the perfect landing page
  •  Use 2 and 3 Step lead funnels THE RIGHT WAY
  •  Get the cash register ringing on your THANK YOU page
  •  Insert a sly “bump” order and turn a prospect into a paying customer
  •  Get your prospect to give you their email AND phone number
  •  Make ‘ice cold traffic’ fall in love with you
  •  Create lead magnets that your audience BEGS for
  •  Model landing pages so you can go LIVE with your funnel in just 9 minutes
  •  Write hyper-persuasive HOOKS and HEADLINES in no time flat
  •  Generate UNLIMITED IDEAS for your lead magnets and ‘freemiums’
  •  Triple your conversions with a simple ‘tweak’ of the copy
  •  Target your ‘Dream 100’ with the perfect message and offer
  •  Hook your ideal customer so they can’t say ‘no’
  •  Use social proof and testimonials to skyrocket optins
  •  Boost conversions with ‘fascinations’ and bullets
  •  Get your audience salivating for your special free offer
  •  Elicit desire with graphics and pics that tug at your prospect’s wallet

lead funnels review clickfunnels

Get Lead Funnels Here (and my additional bonuses)

How do I log in to Lead Funnels?

Lead Funnels Login

When you log in to Lead Funnels, you see the basic ClickFunnels course view which gives you access to download the Lead Funnels Swipe File into a pdf version onto your computer.

Lead Funnels Login View

Lead Funnels Login View

How Much Does Lead Funnels Cost?

What is the Price of Lead Funnels?

Lead Funnels costs $7 dollars and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. (But trust me, you’ll wish you had paid more because $7 is a bargain)

Lead Funnels from ClickFunnels is a swipe file (pdf download) that costs just $7. Guys, if you are on the fence for $7, you are probably in the wrong business, but if you are on the fence, I’ll throw in my bonus ClickFunnels training (valued at $497) and 50+ funnels that you can import directly into your ClickFunnels account.

ClickFunnels Lead Funnel Bonuses

Lead Funnels Bonuses

For those of you who purchase Lead Funnels, I will include as a bonus a ClickFunnels training (valued at $497) and 50+ funnels that you can import directly into your ClickFunnels account.

If you have any questions about Lead Funnels, or ClickFunnels in general, feel free to reach out to me by email: ben@passiveautomation.com.

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