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TOP 15 Actionable Tips and Strategies for Affiliate Marketing - Passive Income Automation

TOP 15 Actionable Tips and Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in learning more about affiliate marketing? Matt Steinman put together some amazing tips and strategies for those looking to get going. Here are his top 15 actionable tips and strategies for becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

If I added my two cents, I did so in parentheses below.

1 – Outrank Your Competitors

Content will be around for a while, so now is the best time to start driving traffic (paid and organic) to your website. Concentrate your efforts on SEO and list building.

(If you don’t have a website, the same can apply to a podcast or a YouTube channel)

2 – Do the Research

Always keep a keen eye out for what your competitors are doing. Keep an ongoing swipe file of ads, content, and social media interactions that are working (I use Evernote). Model what they are doing.

(I save a lot of posts on Facebook from my competitors whose ideas I want to model.)

3 – Select a Reoccuring (Profitable) Affiliate Program

First, always select a program/product/service that is in your niche. One that appeals to you, that you have knowledge in, and you can speak effectively on. Always select a product that has reoccurring commissions, meaning each month you will get paid.

(My buddy Chris Fong put together this comprehensive list of Lifetime Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs)

4 – Stand Behind Your Product/Company

Work on forming a partnership with the company or the community based around it. Being an active contributing member in their Facebook Groups are a great way to build rapport.

(Try to serve and provide value – that is one of the keys to success.)

5 – Start With What You Have

You don’t need all the fancy tools to get started. Utilize as much free software and resources that you can. Make use of free trials and special discounts that are sometimes hidden within pricing pages.

(Also, don’t also say yes to the first offer. Often a company with retarget you and offer a discount.)

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6 – Avoid Beginner Mistakes

Do NOT start self-promoting your links across social media first, without building a relationship first. Spend time researching your audience to know exactly what their desires are. Lastly, it takes time, so be patient.

(Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a long game.)

7 – The Money Isn’t Everything

It’s quite easy to be lured into the massive payouts you see online. What you don’t see is the amount spent on ads, the past 2 years of failures, and the daily grind that is required to get started.

8 – Engage With Your Audience

Become an active participant in forums, Facebook Groups, or even create your own. Spend some time everyday answer peoples questions and providing value. You want to be at the forefront of people’s mind.

9 – Focus On Content

This is the core of affiliate marketing. Customers benefit from helpful content and both parties end up winning (the affiliate and company). Content can be a blog post, video on YouTube, or an answer to a Quora question. It’s evergreen and if done well, can drive traffic to your offer.

(Don’t be sloppy with your content, because people can tell and it won’t lead to any conversions.)

10 – Find Your Niche

Identify an industry that you can relate too. One that you firmly believe solves a problem for your audience. I encourage you to also be a customer of the product or service you are promoting. Be able to walk the talk.

11 – Create Your Own Offers

In addition to just promoting the product and exponentially increasing your chances of a sale, bundle in your own bonuses to “sweeten the pot”. It will be an offer like nobody else’s. And as long as it solves problems that may arise from using the product you’re promoting, you will win.

(Add YOU to your offer. In many cases, people need a mentor and want support. Offer to coach or mentor people as they go through the process.)

12 – Use (at least try) The Product Yourself

Start out by experiencing the product for yourself. Create videos of you using the product. People want what other people have if it helps to solve a problem. This will help gain trust with your audience and eventually lead to a sale.

13 – Nurture Your Audience

Affiliate marketing is a long-term strategy for making passive money online. Do not promote too many products at one time. Nurture them by providing your own reviews, testimonials, and other value related content that will convert them into a buyer.

(It’s enticing to send people to other’s reviews, courses, videos when you don’t have a ton of experience with the product, but double down and learn and create your own reviews, testimonials, and videos.)

14 – Build Multiple Traffic Sources

Putting all your eggs in one basket could be costly down the road. One swift change to the Facebook algorithm could wipe you out. Diversify and develop multiple methods for driving traffic to your site/offer.

(Your email list is your biggest online asset. Start building one today. Cell phone numbers are a great thing to start collecting now as well for text marketing.)

15 – Belief

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing. Believe that you can achieve and that anything is possible. You WILL run into roadblocks. You WILL fail. At the end of the day, if you keep your faith and believe you will succeed, you will.

It doesn’t look that easy, right? That’s because it isn’t.

I appreciate Matt and his willingness to share his affiliate marketing tips. Matt Steinman is the Owner and Founder of Armour Marketing. Connect with him in his Facebook Group > The Affiliate Marketing Fastlane with Matt Steinman